IT Job Seekers be Ready for Your Future and Insure Yourself

Information Technology is growing; no this is a year-old phrase, in today’s trend IT is drifting towards Customer Centric, security and Data orientation, much more into analytics.

Majority of IT services are broadly divided into three major fields, Infrastructure delivery, Application deliverables and Strategic consulting.

Infrastructure delivery comprises of Datacenter build and support, application deliverables are application development and support, Strategic consulting deals majorly with Business Intelligence and cognitive technologies.

survey reveals that organizations are shifting towards the smart advancements for business reliability and sustainability and to sustain this drift, job seekers should reorganize themselves with the below skills.

IT Infrastructure Delivery Analyst: – This is the Team working in traditional Data center deliverables and supports, basically the Data Center Silo, consists of network, storage and server administration. Could you imagine how much time it takes to build a Tier 3 or Tier 4 Data center infrastructure with 60 cabinets. Its takes a minimum of 2 years and an approximate Data Center Ownership Cost of $17,974,515.78, apart from this it consists of Engineering and Preparation Cost, 24x7x365 support cost and vendor support cost.

Considering the time, duration and cost organizations are moving towards converge ,hyper-converged and Cloud computing. As per Gartner report Hyper-Converged Integrated systems are rapidly increasing and in high demand in the next 5 years along with the Cloud Infra-Structure as a Service.

The more concern topics of storage administration such as disk group, RAID levels and fiber channels will be less important over time. Storage admins need to be more concern about wide striping, flash storage and Erasure coding. In a converged environment, the storage does not use disk base RAID, the storage is spread as a cluster across the infrastructure.  Storage admins should equip themselves with Data management, Disaster Recovery, data security and most importantly Copy Data Management.

With the introduce of integrated system and cloud computing, Network implementation and management is much more streamlined and easy. As the companies are moving their data to cloud the need for infrastructure is decreasing and there is an increase demand on management and automation. To sustain in this SDN roll-up, engineers need to equip themselves with the techniques on how to shape traffic from a centralized management console (SDN). As per Glassdoor report Network engineers with the knowledge of  OpenFlow , Open Stack and NFV will be in high demand.

Application Delivery Analyst: –  With the everchanging business demand, software development is making a paradigm-shift in development and delivery. Agile Software methodology in software development has increased the transparency, Quality and business value delivered to Client. Presently with the introduction of digital revolution there is a high demand in augmented and Virtual reality. Agile Methodology though reduce the time for development drastically but it lacks the agility, to overcome this situation and to cope with the digitalization industries are moving towards Smart Apps with the introduction of DevOps .

As per CompTIA’s research there is a need for developers focus on innovation for better customer experience.

Mobile aps, intelligent devices and advance feature internet are in high demand, Zuckerberg’s projects like Jarvis is an well-known example of Smart App Over Internet, other apps such as Prisma, Siri and Google AI are also well-known.

In this emerging era of advance application development, there is a need for developers having knowledge in mobility, Artificial Intelligence and Automation.

Languages such as Java, Jscript, SQL, Python, Ruby on Rails, Scala, Swift, UX & UI designers are in high demand, also it depends on the requirement where to use which language to build a scalable, reliable and secure APP.

Strategic Consulting: –  IT is now data driven, data is growing drastically from gigabytes to megabytes per second, according to Forbes by 2020, in a second 1.7 megabytes of information will be generated by every human being. Google, Facebook, Amazon are the few examples of organizations which are dealing with large scale data for self-driven products.

Is the future being all about data? Yes, organizations are shifting towards predictive analysis for business development, product future prediction and marketing, it needs data, to be specific well-structured data.

As the Data Science is adopted by all companies there is a huge demand of data professional’s worldwide. The company review about 4,700 online Data professional job requirements.

After U.S.  India has the largest demand for Data professionals, 70 % of jobs opening will be there in the coming future.

Data science consists of Business Intelligence, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Visualization and reporting, apart from it the base of all data, Databases such as SQL and Oracle.

Cognitive Technologies are product of Information Technology which can think and task like human beings, cognitive system is largely used in manufacturing, health care and financing system, apps like Bluemix and Watson Virtual Agent are well-known products. To grow and sustain in this field machine learning, neural networking and Artificial Intelligence programming are the pioneer solution. According to Ovum machine learning will drive the business and Spark will be complementary to SQL.

Cyber Security: –  With the introduction of smart Apps and changing from on-premises to cloud, there is a question about security. With the introduction of IoT devices and October’s massive DDOS attack is really alarming.

There is always a risk of data breach, as predicted by Gartner report, 50% of Business ethics will be violated related to Data by 2018.

With the increase in attack complexity and smart application there is a need for Runtime Application Self Protection and cloud security Analyst to cope against cyber-attack.

Let’s Conclude: –

With the fast changing in Business Model, Information Technologies support model is also changing, job seekers need to adapt this change to sustain in IT.

 Infrastructure Support Jobs: – with the introduction of cloud computing, the traditional infrastructure build and support jobs will decrease by 30% and the Pay scale will be minimum. Presently 10% of Jobs opening are there related to Cloud migration and support.

Application Development & Support: – Bureau of Labor Statistics revels that with the introduction of Smart apps and websites accelerating on phones, application development and support is projected to grow by 17% in near future.

Data professional: – As mentioned above Data science is the prosperous field in coming future, the study says that there will be 2.7 million of job posting related to Data engineering by 2020.

Cyber Security: –  with the increase of sophisticated and complex application IT Security Analyst jobs are in high demand. The job rate in the field of cyber security is projected to 37% by 2022, there is a need of trained professional in this field. Symantec claimed that there is an expected demand for 6 million professionals in cyber security globally by 2019.